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Hey you guys and gals! It’s been quite some time since I’ve done any sort of giveaway and I’ve got to be honest with you; over the next couple of months I will have quite a few things to give away but I will incorporate contests and things for chances to win as well! To start, I’m going to be holding a regular giveaway for these adorable exclusive PAX East 2014 Ellie pins!

Per usual, all you have to do is reblog this post. Likes do not count and you do not have to follow (but if you like TLOU, then why not? :D) It’s important to note that sure, you can reblog this 500 times, but you’ll still only be counted for one time… This is just the fairest (and easiest) way to keep track of everyone! There will be 3 winners and per usual, they will be picked at random once the giveaway closes.

This giveaway will begin NOW and run until tomorrow, 7:00pm EST; 24 hours from now, so be sure to get your reblog(s) in now! A few minor details: this giveaway is not limited to location, tumblr is not affiliated, etcetc, and if you have any questions, please send me an ask and I’ll be happy to help you ASAP!

Thanks for all the continuous support and good luck everyone :)

awh man these are so COOL

I came here dignified and dainty
But I don’t feel much like that lately
Two left feet and gloves full up with thumbs
“Aw shucks” and “pardon me” and “sorry, love”

So tomorrow if you meet me
In my tangle of apology
Rest assured, I used to be someone
A brother’s brother and a mother’s son

I Used To Be Someone - Kevin Devine:…

Have a pensive Mono, I just had a huge mono-muse today.



Plumpkins are also known as ambling loaf dragons and love to be pampered. They are expert at finding the warmest spot in a house and will lie there for hours soaking up the heat. Favourite food include daisies, azaleas and biscuits.

Plumpkins are a collaborative art doll made by Magweno (me!) and designed by Pencakes. They are mixed media art dolls with resin heads, wings and feet and soft, squashy, machine-stitched cuddlesoft bodies, measuring approximately 7” from floor to wing-tip and 10” from nose to tail. They have wire armatures so they can be repositioned, and are highly collectible

PREORDER! - Reduced Price Throughout February!

Preorder a Plumpkin Any time in February and get it at a reduced, introductory price! Your preordered Plumpkin will ship on the 7th March.

You will get an embossed certificate of authenticity, a plumpkin postcard, beautiful business cards from Pencakes and I, and a sweet gift, all in a special magnetic lidded box with a plumpkins stamp!

You can choose from the colours pictured above or choose your own colour scheme! Customisation available: Body colour, Tummy colour, Mane colour, horn colour, wing markings (stripes, spots or something different) and pawpad colour.

When you’ve decided send an email to I will guide you through the payment process and keep you up to date on the progress of your Plumpkin, as well as send you photos to check it’s coming out as you expected.

GIVEAWAY! - Win a Custom Plumpkin for Free!

You could win a custom plumpkin for FREE by entering the following giveaway competition! You can enter on either Facebook, Tumblr or both.

  1. You must be over 18 years old to enter.
  2. You must be comfortable giving me your address.
  3. You must be contactable either by a) tumblr ask box (so keep it open) or b) Facebook message
  4. Winner will be decided on the 28th February, 10:30pm GMT.
  5. I will cover global shipping costs!
  6. Winner will be picked via random number generator from the Facebook and Tumblr entries.
  7. You MUST respond within 24 hours of the message being sent or I will choose a new winner.

How to enter on Tumblr

  1. Reblog this post!
  2. (optional) Follow me!
  3. You may reblog this post as many times as you like!
  4. Likes do not count I’m afraid.

How to enter on Facebook
(Click here to go to the facebook page)

  1. "Like" the Plumpkin pre-order image
  2. (optional) Share it with your friends/family!
  3. (optional) “Like” the Magweno Art Dolls page!


Magweno on DA | | Magweno Shop



Nyeh-wweh’s 100+ follower multifandom GIVEAWAY!!!

alright, so in a celebration of finally reaching 100+ followers, i decided i’d do a giveaway! :D 

in case you dont feel like looking at the pictures, here’s basically what you’ll win:

homestuck god tier and troll shirt, troll horns, snk pins and keychains, and for FOLLOWERS ONLY: shiny Torchic, nge manga, cachan D’Ache watercolor pencils color set, and a fma pocket watch :D


1. likes and reblogs count, but just be mindful of your followers

2. there will be only ONE winner, just want to make that clear

3. for the torchic, color box, and mangas/watch––you’ll need to be FOLLOWING me

4. giveaway blogs are fine i dont really care

5. you MUST have your ask box open! if you win I must be able to contact you, and if you don’t respond within 24 hours, I’ll need to pick a new winner! :0

the giveaway ends FEBRUARY 2nd, 2014 and I’ll be picking a winner using :D

Alright! That’s it!!! Have fun!!!! Yeah!!!!!!! :D


okay since im really close to my next hundred, i decided i’ll add another prize (for followers only, sorry uvu”)!!! :D 

you’ll also receive a complete karkat god tier cosplay (things not included: wig and pants––sorry!)!!!! 

heres a link to the picture since i cant get it working on here„,

okay thats it! 

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